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Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injuries due to lack of protection when compared to a car (seatbelt, bodywork crumple zones). We have helped many motorcyclists with their injury claims following an accident and strive to obtain maximum compensation for clients. As experts in this field we understand that these types of accidents can cause serious injuries or be fatal.

A large amount of accidents are caused by other road user’s negligence, and are generally due to failing to see an oncoming motorcycle. More often than not, this happens at junctions. Typical accidents are when a car pulls out of a side road at a junction into the main road. Here the motorcyclist has the right of way. The car would be negligent and deemed at fault for causing the accident. Most of these accident circumstances could be avoided if the vehicle waiting at the junction had taken time to look around the surroundings especially when approaching the junction, or waiting to check both directions before manoeuvring from the junction.

A motorcyclist on the road is very difficult to see due to the speeds they can reach and the size of the vehicle. By improving their visibility on the roads this will reduce the risk of another vehicle not noticing them on the road. By wearing clothing that contains high fluorescent and reflective materials at night and distinctive colours during the day will reduce the risk of not being seen by other road users.

Sadly, Motor cyclists are 40 times more likely to be killed or injured than car drivers or passengers. 80% of motorcyclist accidents are caused by another person’s negligence. We can provide an outstanding service directly from one of our Personal Injury Claims Handlers and support you on your road to recovery.

We will contact you for a free informal chat where we will ask questions on how the accident occurred and the injuries you have suffered. We will be able to advise on whether or not you are entitled to compensation and help you decide on whether you wish to continue and go ahead with making a claim. You will be able to claim reasonable financial losses (e.g. vehicle damage, Loss of Earnings medical expenses) that were incurred as a result of the accident and we would recommend that any evidence in support is kept for future reference.

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