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We are leaders in our field. We offer a bespoke service in our Departments. We provide you direct access to qualified and very experienced lawyers. Your needs become our needs and we put you first. We have a nationwide reach and provide a personal service.

What We do

Personal Injury claims, Serious and Catastrophic Injury claims, Conveyancing, Family Law, Wills and Probate, Employment Law. Our teams in each department are experienced, dynamic and personable. We have a wealth and depth of experience which we use to hold our traditional values with modern delivery.

What We Deliver

We will provide services for you. Should you need a helping hand with the stress of moving house, support with an employment problem, planning in the event of your death or compensation as a result of somebody else’s actions, our experienced and progressive team can assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0151 422 0982.


Here at Forster Dean we undertake residential conveyancing, including buying, selling, remortgaging and transfer of equity. We offer a personal service offering support throughout the conveyancing transaction to our clients. Moving house can become quite stressful and we are always here to advise and assure our clients every step of the way.

“Client X was relocating to the area and had to complete in a tight timescale to ensure children could be enrolled in readiness for the new school year. Forster Dean kept clients up to date every step of the way and made sure that all deadlines were met to ensure they were settled in their new home prior to the start of the new school term”.


Here at Forster Dean we undertake most aspects of Employment Law, including advice on Settlement Agreements, for both Employers and Employees. Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal case, claims involving all forms of Discrimination, as well as those about Harassment and Bullying.

We can provide bespoke Employment Contracts and related policies linked to Grievances and Disciplinary procedures.

“The Team here dealt with a Discrimination Claim with highly complex issues and unique legal arguments that ended up at the Employment Appeal Tribunal, where we successfully argued our client’s claim”.

Per la disfunzione erettile iniziale, è più facile ordinare il cialis prezzo. Ti forniremo le nostre garanzie!

Family Law

Here at Forster Dean we undertake all types of Family and Cohabitee breakdown, including Cohabitation Agreements as well as Separation Agreements, for both married and unmarried couples. We also advise upon and draft Prenuptial Agreements.

In the case of one married couple, our client knew that the more they stayed together and tried to resolve issues between them in parallel with a Divorce action, would increase the hostility that was developing.

We advised him to forget about Divorce and a complimentary Court Order on financial issues that could be some months away. Instead we advised upon and negotiated the execution of a Settlement Agreement in a matter of weeks that meant financially they could part and continue to remain in a working relationship more particularly beneficial for their children who here, as so often, get caught up in such breakdowns.


Here at Forster Dean we undertake all types of Probate related cases, whether it is to secure Grants of Probate to enable the Administration of someone’s Estate for you as Executor or in case of Intestacy where there is no Will, via Letters of Administration for selected Personal Representatives.

We can recommend the best course of action necessary according to the assets and issues in the Estate in order to minimise costs and will complete the necessary Tax forms that are required.

We can also deal with the Sale or Transfers of related property with the harvesting of the other assets, as well as the setting up of related Trusts, leading to the correct distribution of the Estate according to the terms of the Will or Rules of Intestacy.

“We have dealt with estates both of nominal value where we have been able to easily harvest the assets thereby avoiding the cost of applying to the Courts, as well as estates worth millions of pounds with assets in the UK as well as abroad”.

Serious Injury

As soon as we know what type of injury you have, we can get to work making arrangements that will make an early and longstanding difference to you. Our first job is to put things in place to maximise your possibilities and minimise your worries.

Client Y received 1.4 million pounds after an accident left him profoundly disabled as a result of largely psychiatric injury. As a team we identified his needs and engaged the Defendant lawyers in the rehabilitation process as the matter progressed. A settlement was negotiated providing a life changing sum which gave the client a good chance of making a recovery.


Here at Forster Dean we undertake all types of Wills and related Lifetime/Inheritance Tax planning, including advice on Basic Wills up to Assets protection Wills involving Jointly owned property, with maximum tax and other advantages. Wills that are drafted in conjunction with other documents to increase the chances of successfully resisting challenges against the Wills in the future.

We can accommodate Home visits at short notice in case involving vulnerable client and urgent matters.

We work to compliment the advice of your own Tax and/or Financial Advisers or introduce you to reputable specialists in order to maximize the assets to be inherited.

“In the case of one client we undertook a review of their existing Will made elsewhere. We discovered that whilst the Wills perfectly dealt with the Client’s wishes no account had been taken of the nature and value of their assets, We recommended new Wills and Life time gifts thereby avoiding the potential for a considerable Inheritance Tax liability on their death”. 

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    Legal Director

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    Head of Private Client

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    Senior Conveyancing Manager


    I found everyone I spoke to very polite and helpful. They were also efficient. They made the situation comfortable to talk and relax. I was very nervous never having had dealings with solicitors or making a claim so I am very happy to relate my experience with neighbours and friends.

    Mrs C

    I found everyone I spoke to very polite and helpful. They were also efficient. They made the situation comfortable to talk and relax. I was very nervous never having had dealings with solicitors or making a claim so I am very happy to relate my experience with neighbours and friends.

    Mrs N

    “The service was top class I was kept up to date with how the case was going by letters and phone calls.”

    Mrs S