Why Review Your Will?

Once you have prepared you Will, it is essential that you review it on a regular basis (for example, every 3 to 5 years). Reviewing your Will is the only way to be sure that it continues to accurately reflect your wishes.

Do you know where your original Will is? If you have left it in storage with a firm of solicitors are those solicitors still practising? Have they left the area? It is important you know where it is as the original Will is needed on your death and if this cannot be found your estate will be treated as if you never had a Will. Do you want this happen?

  • You may need to update your Will if:
  • Your Executors are no longer willing or able to deal with your estate
  • You have married/remarried/registered a civil partnership
  • You have divorced/separated/dissolved a civil partnership
  • You have had children or you have adopted children
  • You wish to add or remove beneficiaries
  • Your assets/financial circumstances have changed
  • You have disposed of items that may be referred to in your Will
  • You have bought a funeral plan and want to make sure that it is recorded in your Will
  • There has been a change in the law
  • You are unable to locate the original of your current Will or the Solicitors who held this are no longer
    practising or have left the area.
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