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We can provide clear advice to any passenger injured in an accident. 

The most important thing to do following an accident is to check all people in the vehicle and identify who is injured. If there are injuries involved then the medical services and police should be contacted immediately.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you should try to take as much information as possible and if you are able take photographs of the damage to the vehicle/ vehicles involved.

In any compensation claim, there are two elements that the courts may award. The first is for general damages. This is compensation for your injury or injuries, and for the pain and suffering caused to you by the accident. It also compensates you for ways in which your life may have changed, either temporarily or permanently, following the accident. This may include your inability to partake in sports which you previously enjoyed, involvement in your children’s activities, or even household chores or DIY.

The second element is called special damages and looks solely at the actual financial losses you may have incurred. It will take account not only of loss of earnings immediately following the accident, but any future earnings you may lose because you are unable to return to work, or to return to the type of work you previously enjoyed. The objective of this element is to ensure you are returned to a position of the same financial level as if the accident had not occurred. For this element, it is important that you retain receipts and other evidence such as the cost of medical treatment, to support this part of the claim.

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