If you are considering remortgaging your property then we would always recommend seeking advice from a Mortgage Specialist prior to instructing a Solicitor. Once you have decided that a remortgage is the right decision for you, we will begin legal process. Please be assured that your Conveyancer will be on hand to deal with any assistance or queries you may have throughout the duration of the transaction.

In a straight forward re-mortgage with no unusual problems arising, our procedure (briefly) is as follows:

  1. We take your instructions i.e. details of the property to be re-mortgaged.
  2. We apply for a Local Council Search of your property.
  3. We receive a copy of your mortgage offer from your Mortgage Lender. Please deal with any correspondence or queries from the Lender immediately since delays at this stage can hold up the whole process of re-mortgaging.
  4. We investigate Legal Title on behalf of the Mortgage Lender.
  5. We carry out various Final Searches of a technical nature (i.e. bankruptcy)
  6. We obtain a settlement figure from any existing Lender.
  7. Upon receipt of the settlement figure we prepare a completion statement which details the precise cost of your re-mortgage which is forwarded to you for your approval.
  8. We report generally to and request the advance monies from your new Lender (they require at least five working days notice).
  9. complete the Re-Mortgage transaction.
  10. We register the changes at the Land Registry.

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