Probably the last thing you may think of following a serious injury is contacting a solicitor and seeing if you can claim compensation.

Compensation after a serious injury, however, can help provide money for important treatments, assist in recovery and ensure that you maintain the finances you may have lost because you are unable to work.

Our legal team will not only help with a claim for compensation but make sure your needs are assessed quickly and you are given the immediate support that helps you with your recovery.

What is a Serious Injury?

A serious or catastrophic injury is one that is likely to have a major impact on your life, not just the short-term future but possibly for the rest of your life.

For example, if you suffer from a back injury and are unable to walk, you will need a wheelchair to get around. You may also require adjustments to your home so that you can live independently. It could be that you are unable to do the work you used to do and can’t earn the level of wages as before.

While you are recovering from your injury there are also likely to be short-term needs. That could include paying for your mortgage, simply putting food on the table for your family or getting specialist treatment that improves your chances of recovery.

Common Types of Serious injury

Some of the most common catastrophic injuries we see at Forster Dean are those which affect the spine. In many cases, mobility is severely affected which means that our clients require a good deal of support to return their lives to as normal as possible.

Paraplegia affects the lower extremities which means that someone is confined to a wheelchair but has use of their upper body. Tetraplegia, where damage occurs higher up the spine, can mean someone has little or no movement or sensation below the neck level and will require 24-hour support and care.

Damage to the brain is also another common injury we see. It can cause issues with sight and the other senses, leave victims with memory issues and affect a variety of different body functions. Someone with severe brain damage may well not be able to perform their previous job at the same level and might also require long-term care.

Other common injuries in this category include the loss of a limb. Someone who has lost an arm, for example, will need to make adjustments in their daily living, perhaps retrain for a different profession and cope with many psychological challenges as they try to get back to normal.

Making a Claim for Serious Injury

At Forster Dean, we have injury experts ready to listen to your case and provide the legal support to get the compensation you require to live your life as normally as possible. The initial consultation is free and any future legal action is covered under our no win no fee service.

This essentially means we will take on your case without charging upfront fees. We only charge fees once the claim has been successful and compensation awarded.

If you have been the victim of a serious injury and want to make a claim, contact our friendly and professional team at Forster Dean today.