A serious brain injury will undoubtedly be life-changing for the individual involved. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and it has caused a brain injury, then you may be able to claim compensation to help with your day to day living and recovery.

At Forster Dean, we have qualified and highly experienced solicitors based in Widnes, Runcorn and St Helens who are here to help.

Types of Brain Injury

Accidents can occur in any circumstance. The most common we see that result in a serious brain injury include road traffic accidents, falls from height, violent altercations such as fights and sports collisions.

Of course, the brain is a hugely complex organ. It controls almost everything that we do and even a minor injury can have a big effect. Damage to one part of the brain may cause memory issues or difficulty concentrating, for example. Damage to another may impair motor function and mean that the person has to live with a permanent disability and all the challenges that come with these.

The Effect of a Brain Injury

Depending on the extent and the area of damage, you may be faced with several difficulties if you have a brain injury. In some cases, following an accident, an impairment may not be immediately noticeable. It’s only when you try to perform a certain task that you find there is an issue.

You may find that you are now living with a disability, for example, coping with a reduced range of motion. You might even be confined to a wheelchair and face the challenges of not just getting out and about but finding a job with the salary that you were used to.

What Does Injury Compensation Provide For?

A lot depends on the extent of your injury and how it has affected you and no one person is the same.

You might need to learn how to cope with being disabled – that could include installing adjustments to your home to make daily living easier. There may be treatments that can help you get better but which are not available on the NHS. You might have lost the ability to do your job and earn the salary you were used to. You may even be awarded compensation for the psychological damage that the accident has caused.

How Do I Claim Compensation After a Serious Brain Injury?

The first thing to do is sit down with a qualified personal injury solicitor to discuss your claim. These sessions are generally offered free so that the legal team can see if you have the basis to claim the first place.

At Forster Dean, we also offer a no win no fee service. What this means is that you don’t have to find the legal fees for any action upfront. In most cases, the fees are taken if and when the case is successfully settled and compensation is awarded.

If you have suffered a brain injury, contact our experienced personal injury team today to find out what your next step should be.