In February 2014, Director from Forster Dean Solicitors, Dan Thompson is leaving the comfort of his own office for 2 weeks to travel to Uganda as part of a mission through St Peters Church and St Peters Primary School in Heswall.

Both the church and school have a long standing involvement/ links with the Rock Of Joy Trust which is an amazing charity that helps run 3 schools comprising of 1200 children.  The Rock of Joy Trust helps to provide education and general well being to children and their families in some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

Dan is going as part of a group of 14 adults and he will be part of the Community Team which will assist in manual tasks such as maintenance, building and such like, but also to provide after school clubs for the children and to engage and interact with them.

He knows its going to be tough, for start basic amenities like showers/ toilets are few and far between and it appears he will be on a diet of rice for 2 weeks!  However he is looking forward to providing resources such as school equipment for the children and is also looking forward to establishing a farm at one of the schools, to enable the community to be self sufficient.

These children have nothing. Literally! They are lucky when they get a meal and they have no possessions. That includes pencils/ paper and such like. The Trust provides an amazing opportunity to offer these children the chance of an education and basic things in life that we all often take for granted, including food/ medicine/ reading glasses etc.

If you would like to support Dan (and the rest of the Community Team) in this mission, then please visit their ‘Farmyard Fundraiser’ page.   They are aiming to raise £4000 and in doing so will help stock a farm owned & run by one of the schools.  The produce from this is used to feed 800 children a day and for many of them this is the only meal they will receive.  To help with this, why not think about donating an animal for the farm? EG: a cow = £500, a goat = £50, a piglet = £25, 2 chickens = £10.

The Rock of Joy Charity is completely volunteered based, so all donations would be much appreciated, as this will enable the Trust to carry out its invaluable work and we can assure you that every penny goes directly to those that matter!

We wish Dan and the rest of the team all the best for this fantastic mission & look forward to seeing photos of the new farmyard 🙂