Be clear on costs

The most common concern amongst first-time divorcees is the likely cost. Don’t be afraid to ask your solicitor for a clear price at the start of the process once you have agreed the support you require of them. Many of our solicitors will offer you a clear price guarantee when you first commission them, allowing you to avoid legal costs that spiral out of control.

Keep things friendly

This may not always be possible, but it is in everyone’s interest that relations are kept civil. The longest and most expensive divorce cases are amongst partners whose relationships have completely broken down and they only communicate through legal representatives. Keeping things on friendly terms, especially when children are involved, will allow you to avoid extra expense and upset.

Talk to friends and family

Whilst you should always seek the advice of a professional, asking for support and advice from friends and family can also really help. With almost half of UK marriages ending in divorce, you are bound to know somebody who has been through the process. Find out what worked well and learn from their mistakes.

Don’t let others cloud your judgment

Be wary of people who are quick to criticise your ex-partner as they may make it more difficult for you to keep things on civil terms. Always remember it is in your best interests to keep things friendly.

Work together to divide shared possessions

This is one of the hardest and more emotional sides to the divorce process. Work with your ex-partner to make a list of who owns what. If you can agree this together early on, you’ll avoid petty disagreements over low-value items so your solicitor can focus efforts on more important things such as property, cars and child custody/visitation rights.

Log your expenses

Keep a record of all of the expenses that you incur throughout the divorce process, for example travel. If you can, agree you’re your partner how these expenses will be divided between you both as this will avoid you having to get solicitors involved in disputes over relatively small sums at a later date.