The last few years have been difficult for many people when it comes to working. Thousands were put on furlough and significant numbers lost their jobs because of the pandemic. The recent shock of P&O laying off more than 800 staff without any notice also reminds us that getting the right legal advice when you need it is critical.

Of course, we spend a large portion of our lives at work. For most, this time passes by without much cause for hiring a lawyer at all. But when your employment rights are infringed or you’re faced with redundancy, it’s important to sit down and discuss things with a qualified solicitor who is an expert in this area.

What Does Employment Law Cover?

Our employment law advice in St Helens covers the whole range of legal issues, some simple, some extremely complex. These include:

  • Employment tribunals: If there is a dispute between you and your employer that cannot be resolved, then you may want to take the matter to an employment tribunal. This can be a very stressful undertaking and it’s important to have a solid legal team behind you who can advise on every step and support you.
  • Health and safety at work: While a lot of businesses adhere to good health and safety practices, unfortunately, some don’t. If your health is being affected by unsafe practices or you have even suffered an injury because of them, it’s critical to get legal advice.
  • Disciplinary action: If you think that disciplinary action taken against you was unwarranted and that your employer is acting against the law, taking the legal route is sometimes the only option.
  • Unfair dismissal and redundancy: These are becoming more common in recent years and having legal support behind you all the way is essential.
  • Equal pay and holiday pay: Many workers suffer from unequal pay either because of their race, gender or a disability. Others are not afforded the holiday pay that they should expect under the law. An employment law solicitor can help resolve these problems.
  • Contract violation: Contracts can be complicated and failure on one side or the other to adhere to the agreement often causes major disputes. If you feel your employer has violated their contract, our solicitors in St Helen’s can help.
  • Discrimination and harassment: Unfortunately, we still see plenty of discrimination and cases of harassment in the workplace and it’s something we feel very strongly about. People shouldn’t suffer in silence and talking your situation through with a qualified employment law solicitor can help decide what to do next, including claiming compensation.

Why Choose Forster Dean?

Employees can often feel helpless when something goes wrong in the workplace and contacting a solicitor can be an equally daunting process.

At Forster Dean in St Helen’s, we have a friendly, empathetic legal team in place who can listen to your issues and give you no-nonsense advice and support. We’ll ensure complete confidentiality and we won’t reach out to your employer unless you instruct us to.

If you need employment law advice in St Helen’s, contact the team at Forster Dean today.