If you are searching for an experienced employment law solicitors in St Helens, Forster Dean have the qualified team on hand who can support and advise you, whatever the problem.

It’s important when you face difficulties at work that may relate to current employment law that you get access to the right expertise and find out what the next step is.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is a fairly complex area and covers a whole range of different areas to do with work. You may, for example, have accepted redundancy and want an employment law solicitor in St Helens to look over the documentation. It may be something more complex. You may think you have been dismissed unfairly and want help going forward to a tribunal or you could be facing discrimination at work.

Forster Dean will be able to help if:

  • You are facing disciplinary action and want to know what your options are.
  • You have concerns about health and safety at work or that you are being put at risk by your employer.
  • You think you have been dismissed wrongly or are facing an employment tribunal.
  • You have experienced workplace harassment or discrimination.
  • You think your employer is in violation of your employment contract and want to know what your options are.
  • You have concerns over your holiday pay entitlement and want to make a claim.

While these are the more prominent reasons that someone might come to see us at Forster Dean in St Helens, the list is not exhaustive. Even if you are not sure that you can make a claim or take legal action, it’s important to talk everything through with a qualified legal expert.

Of course, the first option you may think about might not be to take your employer to court or seek legal advice. It can be a daunting thing for anyone, whatever their position in a particular company. Many people will try to sort out their issues at work first and that’s not a bad thing. Some employers are responsive, however, while others are not.

Your employment law solicitor will help you maintain confidentiality so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to do next. Some businesses certainly take advantage of their employees or don’t take action when they should simply because they don’t think their staff will go to a specialist legal team and get advice in the first place.

How Forster Dean Can Help

We’re an experienced employment law solicitors in St Helens that have worked with both individual employees and companies over the years. Our aim is to make sure you get the right advice and support, whatever your legal problem is.

It’s essential when it comes to employment law to find a specialist who understands all the legal nuances of this complex area. At Forster Dean, this is exactly what we provide.

You’ll get a compassionate and understanding audience when you outline what the problem is and we’ll discuss your options in plain English so you know exactly where you stand. Contact us to find out more.