Employment law can be a complex area and finding a legal team that can handle your needs is important. With offices in Widnes, Forster Dean is here to help you safely navigate the legal side of your workplace.

Our expert teams of solicitors can assist you with a wide range of employment law issues, including:

Disciplinary Action

If you have been the subject of disciplinary action but feel that you are being unfairly treated, it’s important that you get legal advice as soon as possible. Most businesses have set processes that need to be followed in cases like this but it could be these guidelines haven’t been adhered to in your case. That may mean you have a right to make a claim against the business.

Employment Tribunals

The majority of businesses make every effort to avoid employment tribunals and most problems get sorted out before they reach this stage. If you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed, however, you might have to take your company to court because you have no other choice.

Our Widnes employment law team of solicitors will be able to guide you through the process and provide support throughout the tribunal.

Health and Safety

Employers have a duty of care to the people who work for them. If you have been adversely affected because of poor health and bad safety practices at your company, it’s vital that you contact a solicitor to discuss your situation.

Equal Pay

It’s something that’s been much in the news recently and equal pay for an equal day’s work is the mantra at our Widnes office in Forster Dean. If you think you have the right to make a claim, contact us as soon as possible.

Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination due to sex, religion, age, ethnicity, etc is, unfortunately, still rife in the workplace. It can be a stressful and challenging time for anyone who is a victim, that’s why it’s essential to start getting some legal advice.

Workplace Harassment

Equally, harassment in the workplace is not uncommon. It can take many forms, from not giving someone the rewards they deserve to bullying. You shouldn’t need to suffer this kind of treatment so pop in to see our legal team at Forster Dean.

We also deal with issues such as unfair dismissal and redundancy as well as contract issues (including if you are on a zero-hour contract). Holiday pay and maternity entitlement is another area that we can help you with.

Where to Find Forster Dean

Our offices are on Widnes Road, not far from the Asda supermarket. Open between 8.45am and 5pm, we not only deal with employment law but a whole host of other legal matters. That includes personal injury claims, conveyancing, wills and probate and medical negligence.

Getting the right advice if you have a problem at work is important. With the team at our Widnes office you’ll always find a sympathetic ear and a group of solicitors who are highly knowledgeable about employment law. Contact us today if you want to find out more.