Employment law can be a very complicated legal area – more so nowadays especially during the Covid pandemic where many people have found their jobs at risk for one reason or another. If you live in St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn or the surrounding area, the good news is that the legal team at Forster Dean is here to help.

We’re a local employment law solicitor with a track record of helping individuals navigate a wide range of legal issues in this challenging area.

Why Do I Need Employment Law Solicitors

As an employee with a company you have certain rights and there is plenty of legislation in place that protects you in the workplace. Unfortunately, while there is legislation to support you at work, things can all too often break down. For example, some unscrupulous employers have used the pandemic to get rid of staff or discriminate against certain employees.

The areas that an employment law solicitor can help with include:

  • If you have had or are having disciplinary action taken against you and you want to ensure you are treated fairly or believe you have been treated unfairly in the past and wish to fight the action.
  • You are contemplating taking your employer to a tribunal because you have been unfairly dismissed.
  • You feel that you have been or are being discriminated against at work because of your age, gender, sexuality, religion, race or because you have a disability.
  • You are considering claiming equal pay if someone doing a job the same as yours is being paid more, for example, because of their gender.
  • You are being harassed in the workplace for one reason or another and you need legal support to help make it stop and make your employer take their responsibilities seriously.
  • You’ve been unfairly dismissed or are facing redundancy, either voluntary or involuntary.
  • You are on a contract and you feel your employer has violated the terms of this in some way and you now need legal advice.
  • You have an issue concerning holiday pay entitlement that your employer is not providing as they should.

For many, consulting employment law solicitors can be daunting. The last thing someone may want is for their employer to find out they are considering taking legal action. Any legal team must ensure full confidentiality and not put their client at risk in any way. That means handling any employment law case with a good deal of empathy but also discretion.

Where to Find Employment Law Solicitors Near Me

If you live in Runcorn, Widnes or St Helens or the surrounding area, Forster Dean offers experienced employment law solicitors who can help you navigate and resolve any issue you may have. You’ll get a sympathetic ear and a no-nonsense approach as well as full confidentiality.

We should all be able to work and earn money and feel that we are not being discriminated against or unfairly treated by our employers. If you need advice or are contemplating taking legal action contact our employment law solicitors today.