If you are thinking about a divorce or separation you will most likely need a solicitor. Even if you are on amicable terms now things can change in the future.

It can be a good idea to have a solicitor look over your details and agreements to ensure that you are protected in the future and that the agreement conforms legally, meaning that it would stand up if later challenged.

Although the Internet can be a good source of information there are a number of DIY Divorce and separation options available, which can lead to couples potentially receiving advice from non professionals.  The information you receive will not be tailored advice from a legal professional and should your divorce or separation have any type of feature that is not covered in the DIY divorce it may not be valid, meaning you may have to go through the process again.  In light of this and similar issues within the industry The Law Society have recently begun a campaign to encourage members of the public to use qualified solicitors for disputes.

President Andrew Caplen said:

“Our latest campaign reminds the public that highly qualified, professionally-trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.”

Divorce and separation issues aside, a relationship breaking down can result in a number of other consequences with important legal implications such as home rights and who a child (or children) should live with.

Our specialist team of Family Law solicitors can provide you with sound legal advice on issues including residence, contact and parental responsibility.

As a company we understand that the breakdown of a family relationship can be a difficult and emotional time.  Our experienced solicitors are here to provide you with the legal advice you require.  We are based in St Helens Town Centre and cover the Merseyside area, if you are looking for legal advice contact us today, we are here to help.