In normal times, family law is an important part of the legal world with hugely demanding and emotional issues to address. In the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown, challenges can become significantly heightened and the need for strong legal advice has never been more important.

As we tentatively begin to open up from the lockdown, it’s important individuals have all the legal help and support they need. At Forster Dean, we are doing everything we can to ensure you have access to the best legal advice at all times.

The Affect of Coronavirus on Family Law

Like every other business and service in the UK, Forster Dean has been faced with the challenge of handling family law matters during the last few months.

Certainly, cases that have had to go through the courts have found significant delays in some areas. If you are or were in the process of getting a divorce, working out the legal aspects of separation such as child custody and the like, the delays may seem to have gone on forever.

Courts are looking at implementing contingency measures such as remote hearings and online applications but these can still be very frustrating.

One area that has been highlighted during the lockdown, of course, has been the rise in domestic abuse and the worry that much of this is going on behind the lockdown. Those in an abusive relationship are likely to be isolated and feel they have nowhere to turn to despite some measures being put in place.

In other cases, issues such as maintenance may become a problem for certain families as jobs are furloughed and potential redundancies loom on the horizon. Many children of parents that have separated might previously have spent time between two households. With the fear of transmitting the disease, this has often meant that one parent has access while the other doesn’t.

Family courts in recent times have seen a rise in care proceedings. It’s unfortunate that toxic environments where things might have simmered below the surface for a while have risen dramatically because of the lockdown. Family law is a difficult area and conducting urgent care proceedings by phone or video can lead to a major increase in negative emotions, especially where domestic violence is involved.

Why Contact Forster Dean

The issues around handling family law are probably more complex and challenging than other areas of our work as solicitors. Our aim at Forster Dean is to try and help people through these difficult moments in their lives by providing the support and advice that individuals need.

If you live in St Helens, Runcorn, Widnes or the surrounding North West region, it can be a good idea to get advice as soon as possible if you have a family law problem.

Our team understand that family law matters can be extremely complex and emotional. That’s why you’ll always get the sympathetic support that you need and clear advice on what you should do next.

Even with the challenges of the current Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important not to put things off. If you need us, Forster Dean is here providing caring, friendly family law advice that really makes a difference.