Accidents at work can happen in any job.  Factories and building sites are the obvious places, but they can happen in any workplace.  In the current economic climate many employers will be looking to reduce their costs.  The last thing your employer should be doing is cutting corners when it comes to your safety.  You shouldn’t be afraid of making a claim if you have been injured through the fault of your employer. Your employment rights will be protected in these circumstances.

Employers have very wide duties to keep your workplace safe.  Machinery and equipment has to be kept in safe working order.  Your employer must provide you with proper training and protective equipment when required.  In fact, there are a whole range of health and safety regulations which apply in your place of work.  If your employer is at fault and you are injured as a result then you can claim compensation.

At Forster Dean our specialist solicitors are experienced in all types of workplace claims and can provide you with the straightforward advice that you need.  When we take on your claim we will act for you on a no win no fee basis, which means that you need have no worry about legal costs.

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