Here is our latest testimonial from another happy client who avoided having to attend Court in the run up to Christmas:

Police/Court incompetent – Address not copied correctly

“I admit I was speeding; I had pulled out to overtake heavy Lorries when the carriageway changed from a single to dual carriageway. The Lorries were struggling up the hills. I was taken to Court through the incompetence of the police/Court as they could not copy my address down correctly.

Alison lifted a very heavy burden from my shoulders in the run up to Christmas when everyone is stressed anyway.  I could not face going to Court personally and she took all the worry from me which enabled me to get some rest at night.

I was kept informed of every development, either by phone, email or written correspondence. Also they were available all day or night, weekends and bank holidays; they could not have done anything better.”

Mrs M Hart (A66 close to Scotch corner)


If the stress of a motoring offence such as speeding is weighing heavy on your mind, then please contact our helpline for free legal advice on 0333 323 1830.  You will have the opportunity to speak to a specialist solicitor who can review your case for free.

Don’t forget, we also defend cases such as drink driving, drunk in charge,  failure to provide a specimen, failure to furnish information, no insurance, careless driving and dangerous driving etc.