Legal Advice for Divorce or Separation

While we all want to live happily ever after, most of us are realistic enough to know that relationships sometimes break down. The options open to couples who no longer want to live together are either to consider separation or file for a divorce. It can be an easy enough decision to make when there is just the two of you but can be a lot more difficult when children or lots of assets are involved.

What is a Separation Agreement?

Not all couples that are having problems want to divorce immediately. One option is to enter into a separation agreement which helps cover the basic financial elements of the relationship while you are living apart.

This can include things like who pays the bills, who lives in the house, what the childcare arrangements are going to be and so on. This an interim agreement between a couple which can end if they then decide to get back together or finally decide that things aren’t working out and they want to divorce.

Dealing with Divorce

The law allows you to start divorce proceedings or dissolve a civil partnership if you have been married for at least a year. You don’t necessarily have to go to court, as many people think.

If you and your partner agree on what happens to assets such as money and property and who looks after the children if you have them, as well as the reasons for the divorce, the process is fairly easy.

If there is a dispute and both sides are unable to come to an agreement, you may then have to go to court to put your side of the case.

Most of us don’t take the idea of divorce or separation lightly and it’s usually a situation that we reach after a lot of soul searching and attempts at reconciliation. Personal feelings can get hurt and things can become difficult if there isn’t agreement on both sides, particularly in situations where there are children involved and arguments over access.

There may be other problems that mean you need legal counsel not just for the divorce process. For example, one partner may be in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, an ex-partner may be refusing access to the children, or one partner is in a vulnerable financial position compared to the other. The importance of getting the right support at times like this cannot be underestimated.

Getting Legal Advice from Forster Dean On Divorce Or Separation

At Forster Dean, we understand that this is a highly charged, often emotional time for both parties. If you are considering divorce or thinking about the merits of separation, the first step you need to make is getting some sound legal advice.

Our experienced teams are versed in all aspects of divorce and family law which means you’ll always get the guidance that you are looking for. The last thing you probably want is a solicitor blinding you with legal jargon, so we aim to put everything in plain English so that you understand everything that is happening and the options open to you.

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