At Forster Dean in St Helens, we are often visited by elderly clients looking for advice and legal help with one thing or another. As with all our visitors, we try to make sure that the information we pass on and the assistance we give is delivered in plain English, easy for everyone to understand.

For some of our elderly clients, their visit to our office is actually the first time they have ever been to see a solicitor. It can be a daunting prospect, even for our much younger clients, so our friendly team always like to make sure they do all they can to put any individual at ease.

Some of the areas that we can provide legal advice for elderly clients are:

Will Writing

Everyone should make a will as it is the most effective way to make sure that your property and other assets go to the right people when you pass away. If you don’t have one, then the courts will need to appoint an executor to deal with your estate and this can take some considerable time and be a complicated process for those left behind. A will sets out your wishes in a witnessed document, stipulating who should act as executor and where you want your assets to be shared out. It doesn’t take long to do and can put your mind at rest.

Accommodation Issues

If you are considering shared accommodation or moving in with members of your family, you might want to be sure what your legal rights are or have particular issues that you want some advice on. Our team will be happy to help out.

Residential Care

You might be thinking about moving into residential care and are worried that paying fees could mean there is less to leave for your children. We have a specialist team on board that can give you all the advice you need on how best to move forward. You may not be ready to go into residential accommodation right now but might want to make sure you have everything in place legally before that time arrives.

Power of Attorney

You could be worried about what happens as you get older and plan for a time when you may not be able to make decisions. We can help you put together what is called a Lasting Power of Attorney that gives a named person the ability to act on your behalf.

There may be any host of other reasons why you might want to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor. At Forster Dean we pride ourselves on straight talking, cutting out the legal jargon so that you know exactly where you stand and can make an informed decision on how to proceed. We don’t pressure you into taking decisions.