I just wanted to write to you, to thank you for all your help after my accident.

When I had my accident after renting a house out, I didn’t know who to ask about my rights on this, I had driven past Forster Dean Ltd Solicitors on my way to Crewe.

One day I thought I would just call in, just to ask if I had a good case, about making a claim.

I just walked in and a lovely member of staff made me a cup of tea, took my name and within 5 minutes my solicitor came downstairs and took me into his office, I was made to feel so welcome.

He took all the details so I didn’t have to write anything down, I just signed a statement and he said “just leave everything to me”, that was all I had to do.

From the moment I walked out of the office that day, I knew I had done the right thing, Forster Dean Ltd Solicitors made it look so easy and the settlement I received was more than I hoped for.

I cannot praise them enough for all they did for me and advise anyone who wants to know what to do if they have an accident to call in and ask, it doesn’t cost anything to ask, I know and did just that.