73% of 16-54 year olds have not written a Will, according to research from the Law Society and 23% wrongly believe that without a Will, their possessions would automatically go to their family.

Probate Solicitor at Forster Dean, Su Wilson, is extremely concerned about these figures: “This really is a big problem.  People believe that their estate will go to loved ones without a Will but in reality that does not always happen.  Intestacy Rules which dictate who inherits your estate does not take into account the modern day issues such as second marriages.  This can result in a lot of stress at a time that people are grieving for loved ones.  I have had many people come to see me believing they are entitled or ‘an uncle had wanted them to inherit’ but as there has been no Will the law has dictated who the estate goes to and this is often family who have had little or no contact with the deceased person.  The only way you can be sure your wishes are carried out is to make a Will and from experience I know once the Will has been made it provides piece of mind”.

The biggest reason people do not have a Will is because 34% do not believe they have anything worth leaving. However last year alone £8m went to the Government because people died intestate.

Dying intestate not only means your final wishes will probably go unheeded, but the financial and emotional mess is left for your loved ones to sort out.

Making a Will is usually a very simple process, so let us take the worry away from you and your loved ones.

For more information please contact Su Wilson on freephone 0800 389 1978 or by email suwilson@forsterdean.co.uk or pop into your local Forster Dean office.

Taking the time and trouble to make your Will is the best way to protect the interests of your family and loved ones and help them deal with your affairs when you are no longer here.