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This week, the press picked up on one of our recent successes at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

Our client was a 76 year old gentleman who had spent his life helping others. He had never had a point on his licence, and showed a continuing interest in promoting safe driving practices to others.

However our client was being wrongly prosecuted for Careless driving. We simply had to help him.

After taking the case on, I soon realised that there were significant issues with the Prosecution’s case. Things just didn’t add up.

I attended the first hearing, at which it became clear that this case should never have been brought to Court in the first place. An adjournment followed. Further investigations into the case resulted in a final appearance at Court, at which the charges against our client were withdrawn.

One of the best possible feelings as a lawyer is being able to walk out of Court, and tell your client “it’s over, we won”.

Written by expert Motoring Lawyer, Alison Ashworth; Head of Motoring Law at Forster Dean Solicitors.

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