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Each year, over three million people in the UK are injured in accidents and many have a right to compensation. However, an increasing number of victims are being ‘mugged’ by insurance companies by accepting low premature offers of compensation.

In their eagerness to offer victims quick cash, the defendant’s insurers contact a victim shortly after an injury or accident and make a cash offer- one that usually falls far short of what they actually deserve.  If they accept the offer, it usually means they can’t make any further claims.

Many personal injuries happen at work or are a direct consequence of clinical negligence, where the victim sustains an injury during medical treatment. Victims may suffer loss of earnings as well as physical problems resulting from personal injury.

Research from the Financial Services Authority, which only became publically available because of a freedom of information challenge, revealed personal injury claimants who turn down an insurer’s initial offer and take legal advice from a solicitor get on average three times more compensation.

Forster Dean Solicitors, who specialise in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims, agrees that injury victims should always speak to a personal injury solicitor, before accepting any insurance company offer.  With this in mind, a new campaign to ensure innocent injured victims are not “mugged” by insurers has been welcomed by Forster Dean.

Dan Thompson, Director at Forster Dean, confirmed “From our vast experience insurers clearly want to settle a claim for the minimum amount possible and in our view do not have claimants’ best interests in mind.  It is only by using a good solicitor that claimants will ensure that they receive the full compensation that they are entitled to.  It is the claimant’s only way of getting independent advice, that what they receive accurately reflects the true nature and extent of their injuries.”

The Law Society’s newly launched ‘Don’t get Mugged by an Insurer’ campaign, is urging the public to use a solicitor for personal injury claims. They believe the first offer of compensation should not be accepted because on average injury victims who turn down an insurer’s initial offer and take legal advice from a Solicitor get 2-3 times more compensation.

The Law Society said the campaign was deliberately taking a bold, humorous and memorable approach to convey an important message. 

Desmond Hudson, chief executive of the Law Society said: “This campaign doesn’t pull any punches, but we need to make a clear message, see your solicitor, don’t accept the insurers’ first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies. Pursuing your claim with a solicitor will mean you will get what you are genuinely entitled to.”

Find out more about the campaign here:

Don't get mugged