Nigel completing half marathonWhat first got you into running?

After a career change from being a Florence Nightingale at a hospital the weight started to pile on, so thought it best I do something about it. A colleague (Sandra) told me about the local parkrun.

How did you prepare?

Truthfully – I didn’t…I did my first 5k run on Sunday 18th March, everything has developed since then. Over the last few months, I have entered a few smaller races, and started to build my mileage up on a weekly basis.

Where was the event?

9th English Half Marathon in Warrington 17th September 2017

How did you feel on the day?

I must have walked a half marathon before the actual race, as I was pacing everywhere, I became so anxious. But my friends managed to keep me calm and ready to run.

How did you feel at the finish?

I was overwhelmed with emotion that I had managed to complete such distance, I would never have thought it possible.

Charity raising in the future?

I have entered the ballot for the Virgin London Marathon, which I will find out in October if I have been successful. I will then be doing that for two charities, MacMillan Cancer Support and the British Liver Trust.