When handling the probate for someone who has passed away, it’s important to use the services of a qualified legal team. If you live in or around St Helens and you are searching for a probate solicitors, Forster Dean are here to help right now.

What is Probate?

If someone has died, the process of settling their estate is known as probate. Should your loved one have passed away and left a will, this document will stipulate who is to act as the executor and the terms of the settlement. This can be one person or more, usually a family member, and they will need to use the will to get what is called a grant of probate.

If the person died without leaving a will, things are a little more complicated. The next of kin will need to apply for a grant of letters of administration which basically give the same rights as probate but can take substantially longer.

The process of dealing with probate involves a number of steps.

  • First, you will need to bring together any assets including bank accounts and savings and any property that was owned by the deceased.
  • You will also have responsibility for paying out any bills or creditors from the proceeds of the estate.
  • The remaining assets can then be divided according to the wishes of the will or to the next of kin if no will was made.

Probate is not needed in all circumstances. If there is a jointly owned property and the money is to pass to a spouse or civil partner, there’s usually no need for it.

The length of time that probate takes to settle can depend on several factors. If there are few complicating issues and the will is quite straightforward, you should expect everything to be settled within a couple of months. Should your loved have died intestate (without a will) settling the estate can take considerably longer.

Choosing a Probate Solicitors in St Helens

It’s possible to undertake a DIY probate and handle everything yourself but this can often be difficult especially if you are mourning the loss of a loved one at the same time. A local solicitor will be able to do all the legal heavy lifting for you while ensuring that everything is handled in the right way and no mistakes are made.

Certainly, if the deceased did not leave a will, you are going to need legal advice to help you apply for the grant of letters of administration and any complications that might arise from this.

At Forster Dean, we have qualified and experienced probate solicitors available at our office in St Helens. If you live in the local area and require legal advice, we can help not only in areas of probate and will writing but can deal with matters such as lasting power of attorney, estate and tax planning as well as setting up trusts and asset planning.

Engaging the services of a probate solicitors in St Helens should ensure that the estate is settled quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to find out more, contact our friendly team today to make an appointment.