Family law is a large and complex area and can cover everything from marriage, separation and adoption issues to domestic abuse and child custody. While many of these issues can lead to traumatic experiences for any individual, getting expert legal advice when you most need it is vital.

Not only can legal support ensure you understand what is happening to you and your family but it gives you the tools to do something about the problem.

Here are just some reasons why you might need to contact an expert family law solicitor:

If you are going through a separation or divorce, the chances are you will need to get some strong legal advice and support, even if the decision is law legal advice

Separation and divorce can often involve issues around the custody of children.

There are a range of legal aspects surrounding child law including contact, access and residency.

Separation and divorce can also include financial and asset settlement, especially if you have been married for a considerable amount of time.

Another part of family law covers parental responsibilities and what your rights or obligations are as an individual.

You may be looking to adopt a child and need help presenting your case before a hearing or filling out the paperwork.

You might be the victim of domestic abuse and need to ensure your own safety and that of your children.

You might be harassed by a previous partner or spouse or fear that you are being stalked and want to do something about it.

It’s not all about a difficult and emotionally straining problems; a family law solicitor can also help with areas like probate, tax, wills and estate planning.

You may be starting out on your life together and want to put in place a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement to protect both parties.

Not all issues relating to family law end up in court. Indeed, the emphasis is usually on arbitration and finding a solution before things get to this stage. If lawyers are involved, they will often communicate between each other hoping to reach a sensible outcome.

Of course, a lot depends on the situation you find yourself in and how serious it is. Some people can come to an agreement, in other circumstances relations may have broken down to such an extent that it’s wise to have the input from a qualified professional. In all case, you really need someone who has an understanding of the law and is on your side.

Many family problems that require recourse to legal advice mean you’re under a great deal of stress because things are not going as expected. There can be a lot of uncertainty, especially if you are going through a process such as divorce. Employing the services of a family law solicitor means that you get the advice you need while helping to resolve situations that may previously have seemed insoluble.

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