What’s worse than the sinking feeling you get when you realise that you’ve been flashed by a speed camera….? Being told that you’ve lost your licence.

Being caught speeding can lead to an immediate ban if caught travelling at high speed, or could result in a 6 months disqualification from driving if you tot up too many fixed penalties.

Whilst some speeding cases can be defended, most clients come to us when they have been summonsed to Court and have no option but to either seek professional help or face losing their ability to drive to work, to school, to their children’s activities or to help out their elderly parents or grandparents for an entire half year.

In my view, the people who take the time to pick up the phone and call us are the lucky ones; at least they are giving themselves a chance. Too many people simply accept their fate, or do not appreciate the consideration which can be given to their circumstances by the Court.

Unlike offences such as drink driving and dangerous driving, with speeding offences, the Courts have a discretion which allows the impact of a disqualification to be taken into consideration, which could ultimately lead to you being allowed to keep your licence and continue driving.

Wouldn’t we all want to know a little more about that?

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Written by expert motoring lawyer, Alison Ashworth

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