Many of us have already witnessed the disruption which can be caused when snow/ice and vehicles combine. Just a matter of days ago, many motorists woke up to snow covering their vehicles, and many still face waking up and having to clear ice from their windows.

Tune in to Salford City Radio tomorrow, 30th December 2014 at 12.30pm to hear Expert Motoring Lawyer, Alison Ashworth discussing Winter Driving, and the impact which the hazardous conditions could have on your driving licence.

Forster Dean Solicitors’ dedicated Motoring Law Department are on call throughout the Christmas and New Year period. No matter the day or time, you can call 0333 323 1830 for free legal advice concerning any motoring offence.

Whether you have been arrested for drink driving, failure to provide a specimen, careless driving or speeding (to name just a few of the offences which we defend) there will always be a dedicated Motoring Law Specialist ready to take your call.

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